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Clear Blue Water, supplies water purifying systems for sale as well as the maintenance of these systems. The human body needs a constant supply of clean, healthy drinking water.

While most municipal water supplies have been treated, your drinking water can contain bacteria and viruses, suspended solids, and harmful levels of chlorine.  Due to the high levels of impurities, it is vital for the concerned parent and consumer to ensure water purity and clarity. Clear Blue can offer you peace of mind by testing your water and maintenance on the system once installed. We offer you the full range of purifiers, commercial and industrial systems, depending on your needs. Clear Blue operates throughout South Africa - bringing the service to YOUR doorstep. Clear Blue - purified not filtered, for pure water and pure health

- Custom Branded Water Bottles
- Drinking Water & Ozone
- Water Purifiers
- Food Processing
- Reverse Osmosis
- Brackish Water
- Water Softener
- Ultra Voilet Technology
We offer innovative solutions to any water problem you might have. We custom design water treatment solutions to suit your needs. This also includes water bottling plants.

We can assist you in any agricultural or industrial water related problem that you might have. We can offer turnkey solutions or just consulting and equipment supply.
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Heinrich: 084 056 1052
Email: heinrich@clearbluewater.co.za
Fax: 086 694 2161
We offer our services and products countrywide.
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